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What is Clovercroft Publishing Group's publishing model?

Clovercroft Publishing Group is a Custom publisher, which is sometimes labeled in the publishing industry as Hybrid publishing, which has four separate imprints. Our model combines the creative control and higher royalties that are sometimes found through self-publishing and the high-quality book production, marketing, and distribution that has historically only been available to traditionally published authors. We have an imprint that covers faith-based books as well as novels, business, self-help, fiction, non-fiction, picture books, and children's books.

Is Clovercroft Publishing Group better for established or new authors?

We work with both established and new authors to help them attain their goals for their books.

We help traditionally published authors who are seeking to take back control of their content and distribution and make more profit from their book sales, help self-published authors with better book production, marketing and wider distribution.

Does Clovercroft Publishing Group accept every manuscript it receives?

Our acquisition department editors read all submissions, there is a selection process and, unfortunately, not all manuscripts are accepted for publication. However, unlike traditional publishers who can’t take the time to help the author improve theeir work, if the author is willing, we take the time to to work with the author and craft a great book.

How do I submit my book for consideration?

To submit your book or proposal for consideration, please email us at

Can I sell books off my own website?

Yes!  We have the ability to set you up to sell off your website very easily.  Our distributor provides a link that can be embedded into a "Buy" button on your website, sent out in emails, and placed on social media. Once a reader selects the link, they are taken to a place to order your book.  This bypasses the bookstores and you make more than twice as much per sale based on the retail price.


How long does the submission process take? What about the full process?

The submission process usually takes a couple of weeks. One of our editors will review your manuscript or proposal to see if it’s a good fit. If it is, we will reach out to schedule a free Discovery call (Zoom or phone) and discuss your book idea and goals in more detail. Once an author signs with us, the process depends on the goals of the author and the type of book they are publishing.

What are the financial terms and associated costs of publishing with Clovercroft Publishing Group?

The cost of the project depends on the type of book, word count, illustrations if any, design, among other parameters. During the Discover call we can give the author an estimate of the costs and after the initial consulting phase, create a formal proposal for costs.

Do I need to copyright my work before submitting my manuscript?

No. Written work is immediately protected under copyright law without any registration. A formal submission to the U.S. Copyright Office will provide additional copyright protection and we can provide that for our authors.

Is my book considered self-published if I publish with Clovercroft Publishing Group?

No. Clovercroft Publishing Group titles are published under specific imprints and our publisher-specific International Standard Book Numbers or ISBNs.

I’m interested in working with Clovercroft Publishing Group, but I’m not sure which imprint is best for my book. Can I still submit my manuscript or book idea?

Yes. We review all submission materials to determine under which imprint the author's book will be placed.

Can I provide my own artwork or graphics?

Yes. Our graphic design team members will review any artwork and graphics to provide feedback on the overall print quality. If you are using your own designer, we will provide them with the ISBN barcode that they will need to place on the back cover of the book.

Does Clovercroft Publishing Group help market my book?

Yes. This is one of our services for our authors.  We can help you as little or as much is needed.  We have access to marketing professionals that help with all aspects of your marketing such as marketing seminars, book website development, proper keywords and categories, marketing plans, digital press kits, social media training, advertising, publicists, digital galley, custom marketing material and much more. Our outreach efforts are always dependent on a book’s category, the target market, the news cycle, and the author’s goals.

I’ve written a book, but I have a PR or marketing team already. Will Clovercroft Publishing Group work with my existing team?

Yes. Clovercroft Publishing Group is happy to work with your current PR team. All we ask is that, during your book’s production process, you inform us who we will be working with on marketing and what role they will play so that we can connect with your team and create an accurate marketing plan.

Where does Clovercroft Publishing  Group distribute its titles?

We use Ingram Publishing Services, the largest wholesale book distributor in the world with over 71,000 retail and library locations.  Ingram distributes to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, independent bookstores, warehouse clubs, airport shops, grocery stores, collegiate bookstores, independent and chain gift stores, hospitals, museums, and more. In addition to calling on over 2,000 bookstores in the U. S., Ingram has seven international offices, from which they sell our author's books into 54 countries around the world.

If I publish through Clovercroft Publishing Group, will my book be available on shelves?

Clovercroft Publishing Group can only guarantee that books will be made available for sale online. Ingram's salespeople will work to get your book into bookstores and on shelves.  However, the author's chances are higher if the bookstore reps see that the author is doing marketing to drive readers to those bookstores.

We are looking for manuscripts that are captivating and candid, and authors who want to tell their story on their own terms.

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