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Just tossing your book on Amazon and hoping for the best won't do the trick. Marketing needs to be on an author's radar right from the get-go. Understanding and expanding your reader base is the magic behind a book's triumph. Our game plan? We kickstart your journey with comprehensive book marketing training, tailoring solutions that match your schedule and budget.


We're no strangers to success – we've steered authors to Amazon's top spot and even landed them on the prestigious Wall Street Journal Bestseller list. Everything we do is crafted to suit your unique needs, customizing your marketing approach for maximum impact.


We guide our authors through a three-pronged approach to sales.

  1. We help you reach bookstores effectively.

  2. We simplify your direct sales from your website.

  3. We help you leverage your organizational network.


We'll be your compass through these strategies, finding the perfect path to deliver your book to eager readers. We have extreme reach Ingram, offering extensive distribution.


Selling from your website? We've simplified that as well. Need to connect locally? We've got strategies for that too.


But that's not all. We can transform your book into an eBook, landing it on major platforms like Amazon and Apple. Plus, if you're considering audiobooks, we've got you covered – we'll place it on over 40 platforms!

We are looking for manuscripts that are captivating and candid, and authors who want to tell their story on their own terms.

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